3. One-Day Georgia Visiting (Batum Tour)

Our tour will take place with a guide, are you ready to explore a different country with only an ID document?
Dear Guests,
We welcome you in front of the Rize New Square Martyrs' Monument at 08.00 in the morning accompanied by our friendly staff. After informing our guide, we start our Batumi Tour. We arrive at the Sarp Border Gate, taking our guests from Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen, Fındıklı, Arhavi, Hopa and Kemalpaşa over the road. After reaching the border, we leave the vehicle and proceed through the pedestrian entrance gate. We proceed by making the transactions with the pass form received by paying the international exit fee. It is mandatory to have a new Identity Document. Photographs are required for all ages. After the procedures, we pass to your Georgian side. We start our tour by getting on our vehicle waiting on the Georgian side. According to the information given by our guide, the first stop of our trip will be the statues of St. Andrea and St. Matthias, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus, by taking the "Lari", the Georgian currency, as we will need throughout the trip. After taking pictures here, we pass to Gonio (Apsaros) castle. Gonio Castle, where St. Andrea and St. Matthias are located in the mausoleum, is a castle from the Roman period and we will have the opportunity to get information by our guide by seeing it panoramically. After our castle visit, we go to the Turkish Restaurant for lunch, where the best examples of Georgian cuisine are served. You can choose what you want in our dining place, which offers Georgian cuisine. During the city tour, accompanied by our guide, we will visit the Orthodox Cathedral (Church of the Virgin Mary), Europe Square, Sixpost Medea Statue, Piazza Square, Theater Square, Batumi Boulevard, Nuri Gela Lake, Alphabet Tower, Ali and Nino Statue, and the Ottoman Period Historical Orta Mosque in the Turkish Quarter. We give free time after seeing it. Our guests who wish for two hours of free time can join the Sea Boat Tour, ride the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe or go shopping in the city.
After the free time, we finish our Batumi Tour and move to Sarp border gate to return to Turkey. After the procedures, we go to the Turkish side and get on our vehicle waiting for us and start our return journey. We arrive in Rize between 22:00-22:30.
-Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents. Otherwise, the non-parent must give the consent of the existing parent.
-For children under the age of 18, a death certificate is obligatory if there is a deceased parent.
-2 doses of vaccine are conditional. PCR testing covering the last 72 hours is mandatory for those who are not vaccinated.
-Identity Document must be new and with chip.
-Do not carry any medicine without a report with you.
-Customer is responsible for any problem that may arise due to Identity Document, PCR, Vaccine and official documents.