4. Plateau Package (Lake Uzungöl / Solaklı Valley)

Uzungol, the natural paradise valley in your dreams, is waiting for you.
Dear Guests,

We welcome you in front of the Rize New Square Martyrs' Monument at 09.30 in the morning accompanied by our friendly staff. Uzungol, a province of Trabzon, is waiting for you today. You will find the opportunity to take photos and videos that you can see in magazines, news, TV series and everywhere and that fascinate you with their photos. You will experience moments full of adrenaline by taking a break at the horse farm on the route of our tour. Our guests can ride horses on the track if they wish. After our break, you will enter the Paradise Valley and go to the Artificial Waterfalls section at the top and take magnificent shots in the forest. Then we move to the Observation Terrace where you can watch Uzungöl from above and take wonderful shots. You can breathe the fresh air in a peaceful environment. You can have your meal in the free time given in Uzungöl center, take a tour around the lake by cycling, and enjoy it to the fullest. After free time, we leave Uzungöl and take a break at the historical Kiremit Bridge on the road. At each stop of our tour, you will be taken with magnificent frames that will be in your memories.
After completing our tour program, we move to Rize. We are sadly saying goodbye to you and hope to see in another highland tour or in our highland tours with accommodation.