Abstract and Full Text Spelling Rules

Abstract and full text form should be prepared according to  the guidelines provided below:
  • Each participant could attend the congress with a maximum of 2 presentations (1 oral + 1 poster; 2 oral; 2 posters).
  • Abstracts and full-texts will be published in electronic symposium book.
  • Abstract and full-texts are required to be written in English.
  • The participants will be able to register to congress with abstract text. The papers to be published as full text will be sent to the congress secretariat according to the announced calendar.
  • All submitted abstracts must be original and include unpublished research results.
  • The title should be so as to reflect the content of the study. There should be no abbreviations in the title.
  • The summary should provide clear information on the research and results obtained and should not exceed 300 words (minimum 200 words). Figures or tables in the abstract text are not allowed. The abstract should not include references.
  • At least 3, up to 5 keywords must be specified.
  • The names of fund organizations should be added to the end of the text.
  • There is no page limitation for full text submissions.
  • Please download the abstract template and follow the format carefully. To download the template click here.
  • Please download the full text template and follow the format carefully To download the template click here.
  • Abstract files should be named as Section Title Number and its abbreviation (You can find it from Congress Section Titles), underscore, participant's surname, a space and the initial letter of the first name, underscore, the first letter of presentation type (Oral Presentation: O; Poster: P) respectively, without using Turkish characters. In case of sending more than one poster or oral presentation abstracts, the numbers "1" and "2" should be added to the end of the first letter of presentation type.
  • Abstracts should be named following the rule: For example, the poster or oral presentation abstract belonging to Seher GÜVEN; "6BMA_GUVEN S_P" , "6BMA_GUVEN S_O" or in case of submitting two identical type of abstracts  "6BMA_GUVEN S_P1",  "6BMA_GUVEN S_P2". 
  • Abstract files should be sent to the congress e-mail address: iconpb2022@erdogan.edu.tr
  • Each abstract will undergo a peer review process. Based on the submitted abstract, the reviewer(s) will decide if the abstract is accepted either oral or poster presentation or rejected.
  • Accepted oral and poster presentations will be published on the congress website.