Details and Prices

Dear Participants,

In the content of congress, on Saturday and Sunday, 24-25 September 2022, a daily visit to Batumi Botanical Garden and Batumi (Georgia) (1), Ayder plateau and Huser plateau, famous for its Fog Sea (2), Trabzon Uzungol visit (3) and Fırtına Valley, Zilkale, Palovit Waterfall and Çat Elevit Plateau (4) are planned. 
  Packages  Price (Per head)

 1. Plateau Package (Huser Plateau – Avusor Plateau – Ayder Plateau – Fırtına Valley)

250 TL

 2. Plateau Package (Pokut Plateau – Sal Plateau – Zilkale Şenyuva Village – Fırtına Valley)

250 TL

 3. Daily Georgia Tour (Georgia/Batum)

300 TL

 4. Plateau Package (Uzungöl / Solaklı Valley)

200 TL
 Note: The current prices are calculated according to the situation that the gasoline is 26.50 TL. The right to update the price according to the current gasoline prices on the date of the congress is reserved.