Invitation Letter

3rd International Plant Biology Congress.
Rize, Turkey, 2022 

 Dear Participants,

   With the cooperation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University and Flora Research Association, "The 3rd International Plant Biology Congress" will be held on 2022 in Rize, the city of blue and green.

   Our country and the whole world have been suffering from the pandemic causing negative effects in all sectors and the scientific world. This process has shown how important and indispensable science is for life. This congress aims to bring young scientists and experts together to discuss scientific studies and share scientific data.

   It is extremely important to discover the plant resources, make them known and serve them to people. Such scientific activities are important in revealing the unexplored characteristics of plants and making them usable. The pandemic process has shown the real worth of what people already have. It is also clear that science provides very valuable and analytical data in such cases.

   Rize, with its beautiful sea, mountains and plateaus, is a coastal city in the north east of Turkey. It is one of the most important plant biodiversity centres of Turkey, and is also frequently visited by systematic botanists.

   The congress will discuss global themes on different topics under Plant Biology. In this context, the topics of this congress cover different fields such as Plant Taxonomy, Plant Anatomy, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, Plant Protection Biology, Medicinal and Economic Plants and Plant Growing.

   We will be honoured to see you in our congress which will be held in cooperation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Department of Biology, and Flora Research Association on 2022.

 Yours sincerely.
  Organizing Committee